A two night dinner of epic proportions, "A Feast for Kings," is the first ever culinary Game of Thrones vicarious dinner in Toronto, where hardcore fans and those alike, get to experience what it’s like to eat in the many kingdoms of George R.R Martin’s "Game of Thrones"

Featured in: Toronto Life , blogTO , Notable, The Hungry Cat


On April 2nd and 3rd, The Curated Social, along with Cote de Boeuf transformed the small Parisian butchery into a chamber fit for a king at Kings Landing. A long wooden table was adorned with woodland décor; rabbit and coyote furs warmed chairs and goblets and chalices lined each diners table setting. A classic fiddler welcomed the guests by teasing bars from the Game of Thrones theme song, while eventually breaking out into traditional fiddle songs, likely heard in many of Inns while traveling through Westeros. The food was the main attraction, as guest dined and shared 12 different courses – all which were inspired by the regions of Westeros and beyond. Braised rabbit, seared heart, lava bread and sticky crickets. Collector menu cards were designed for each dish with a quote and region that inspired the dish. Of course, swill was in plenty as guests clinked their chalices and drank everything from mead, cider and stouts

The Curated Social came on board to help Cote de Boeuf raise their profile and stand out amidst a very saturated restaurant industry. Being local purveyors of food and not afraid to experiment with game animals, A Game of Thrones dinner was the perfect branded experience for Cote de Boeuf. So The Curated Social created the first ever brandable edible experience for Game of Thrones in Toronto. The menu was locally inspired and each food item was based off of a quote from George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire."

To amplify the experience we created collectable menu and course cards to enhance the level of authenticity –guest would read out loud each quote that inspired the dish, ushering the courses out one by one after a clink of their chalices. 


When tickets went live and when Toronto Life posted their sneak peek article, Cote de Boeuf’s audience reach increased by 500%, driving over 1000 unique views during the day and a daily return leading up to the event and the week following. On twitter they received daily engagements and increased retweets. A month following, thanks to the public profile they received from the event, they were also featured in blogTO as one of the top butchers.