We create events that tell a story and follow through with a message

Our specialized approach is that we ‘curate’ each event based off of our clients needs, challenges and persona; tie in a lifestyle and in turn execute a one-of-a-kind experience that has talking power and lasts far beyond the event has ended. Having worked as both content developers and producers we see event less like lines of a budget and more as pieces of a creative puzzle with a story that needs to be told to build an audience and change behaviour.  We solve business challenges through the convergence of technology, communication and design and tie in a narrative that’s relatable, relevant and has an impact. Content is everything and always at the core of our events. 

THE curated social PROCESS

Whether for a branded publicity event, a product launch, a private event or a fundraiser the process remains the same, but the outcome is always one-of-a-kind



Question. Lean

We first work with our clients to understand their needs, challenges and persona. We ask the right questions to get a better understanding of their business and then delve a bit deeper. We listen, encourage and slowly start to put together the pieces. The result is always different, but begins with a clear strategy on how we will create and execute the message in the form of an event



Inspire. Innovate. 

We take the strategy and begin to build the framework for the event by tapping into up and coming trends that are compatible to your brand and build an experience through these various cultural hubs. We create content that can be experienced through live activations and use the most cutting edge technology to communicate the experience so that it lives on far after the event has ended. We partner with the best in their industries to create experiences that are memorable and timely. 



 Seed. Brand.

Our work never ends after the lights go up. Our challenge is to keep the conversation going. Our clients are innovators and want to be leaders in their industry so we create events that connect them to a mission/purpose that their audience looks to them for guidance. All of our events include a content conversation that has the longest lasting impact and lives on into the social conscious of their audience